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Servis pihal Dejan Kovač


   In our woodwind repair shop, which is located at Tabor 2 - Domžale, we provide professional woodwind repairs of all brands:




                 We also repair    OBOES,BASSOONS AND RECORDERS


 We use all original spare parts and high quality consumables for all the instruments. Before arrival, It is welcomed if customers  announce themselves via any of the contacts (phone, email). By agreement, you can also send your instrument  via postal mail and we send the fixed instrument the same way back. We provide warranty on all overhaul services. Since everyone makes mistakes, if you notice any possible deficiencies from the service, let us know so we can discuss and correct the error.  Trust your instrument to our service, like many excellent musicians and brands like Yamaha and Buffet Crampon already did as we are also an authorized service for the two mentioned brands.

Dejan Kovač, the repairman has been actively repairing instruments for 22 years now. During this time he has gained immense knowledge and experience, which is the most important in this line of work. He was learning from many master repairmen and the makers of woodwind instruments all over the world and of course he also learned a lot in his atelier in Domžale. He learned and later perfected his knowledge at Leblanc, Buffet Crampon and Selmer. For the first time in 2003 he visited one of the most popular repairmen in Paris, Herve Martin, also known as RV-Martin among the saxophonists. ''RV taught me a lot. He opened his book of knowledge, which he has been writing for almost 40 years and I have been reading this knowledge'' figuratively Dejan tells many times. Dejan and RV became great friends and stayed in touch to this day, and even today RV is still available for an occasional advice. ''The best thing is if you are given knowledge from such a master and also a friend.'' The fact that Dejan visited this master for further improval of knowledge again in 2004, 2007 and 2009 speaks for itself about the good cooperation between them. He also learned at Selmer, a company with one of the longest traditions of making woodwind instruments in the world.   Mr. Kaoru Noda taught Dejan the basics of repairing flutes when he worked in Freiburg as a repairman for Muramatsu. He perfected his knowledge in Japan at the Sankyo factory in Sayama, where he learned about the whole production of flutes. He spent the most time learning from the master Thoru Ihara, who helped him reveal all the secrets of flute repairing. It's a great privilege if you are given knowledge by a master with the longest time of service in the factory, and also a responsibility to absorb this knowledge and use it for your work. As an authorized woodwind repairman for Yamaha, Dejan regularly attends meetings and training courses, organized by Yamaha.In October 2022, he visited the Yamaha Atelier in Rellingen and spent a week improving himself mainly in new procedures and techniques on Yamaha instruments
With new year 2021, Dejan moved his atelier to a new location, where he will be just as happy as before to help you with all the smaller and bigger issues regarding your instrument.

Besides servicing woodwinds, Dejan likes to play his clarinet, and in the recent years, baritone saxophone in the famous Mengeška godba, which he is a member of since 1991. Between 2009 and 2014 he was also a president of Mengeška godba


''Music has always been a companion in my life one way or another''



   MONDAY - THURSDAY  9.00-13.00  


  FRIDAY                             9.00-14.00



GSM: +386 40 356 536
VAT: 72832347                                 Address:
 Servis pihal Dejan Kovač s.p.
 Tabor 2 1230 Domžale, Slovenia
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